About Us

Welcome dear Friend

We are an Australian based non-profit organization created to support spiritual awakening and we welcome everyone who sincerely yearn to discover their true nature.
Through your contributions and our teachers, the MAHASHANTI FOUNDATION can reach out to many different communities by sharing the healing power of meditation and music.

Your support helps with our programs:

  • Free meditation programs and community events for everyone - making meditation and the healing power of music accessible for all.
  • Donated classes & workshops for those who are experiencing financial difficulty
  • Teens after school programs to provide stress management through meditation and music.

A small staff and volunteers are involved in the following activities:

  • Develop and maintain websites
  • Make written, audio and video teachings freely available online, libraries and through various media.
  • Organise and facilitates talks, workshops and retreats ensuring that they are accessible to all wishing to attend by way of concessions for those who are experiencing financial difficulty
We are dedicated to giving support to those who have been inspired to explore the truth of their own being in whatever way is needed
In love and gratitude,
The MahaShanti Team