Enza Vita is the founder and director of the MAHASHANTI FOUNDATION and the author of “Instant Presence – Allow Natural Meditation to Happen” published by Watkins
She has spent over 40 years of her life, searching and studying under many of the great spiritual teachers of our age and she was exposed to the wonderful writings of many others around the world.
As a result she was able to discover the universal teaching underlining all of them and to distil and present a modern practical authentic spirituality that reaches beyond all religions, yet allows for them all to remain, as they are.
“The truth I talk about is not limited to any tradition” – says Enza Vita, “but is found in, and open to, all true traditions”

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Leo Drioli is the director of the MAHASHANTI FOUNDATION and the author of “Every Moment’s a Miracle” and “You Hold The Key”
Leo’s passion in disseminating truth in all its forms and guises is also manifested in his music, something that’s been close to his heart since his early teens.
Song writing is, together with his writing, one of his greatest joys … and after all these years, he is thrilled to now be sharing his music with the world with the release of his first single “Give It Your Love” along with his debut album “Let Your Spirit Sing”

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