Re-Think Watch – A Mindfulness Reminder Tool For Your Daily Life



We have conditioned our mind day in and day out, for years, to function in a certain way. This automatic way of being limits our consciousness, and often brings stress, negative emotions, and much confusion.

Having a formal practice of meditation is essential, yet not enough. For meditation to be truly transformative, it has to go beyond the cushion. In order to rewire these mental patterns, our meditation needs to be influencing our states moment after moment. What we need is to constantly come back, during our day, to this mode of being. Remembering the subtle feeling of meditation is one way that our mind can tap into this state.

These little reminders can be as short as 20~60 seconds, once every hour (or every two hours). Each time we do this, we are strengthening the meditation muscle. We are making it easier for us to meditate, and we are tapping into some of the benefits of meditation here and now.

This is where the Re-Think Watch, a mindfulness reminder tool, can come in handy. The Re-Think Watch is a subtle reminder device designed to help you retrain your brain and modify your thoughts and behaviour. It is a tool to support you in gaining greater consciousness and control over your physical and emotional self.

As the Re-Think Watch gently vibrates on your wrist at your preset intervals, you are reminded to “Re-Think” any negative messages and limiting beliefs and replace them with positive messages, affirmations, actions or behaviours.

Some people find that connecting a specific word or sentence to the trigger can be helpful. The message is up to you. It will depend on what type of meditation you practice, what you want to focus on and develop (or let go). Here are some ideas:

  • Fall back into awareness
  • Breathe deeply
  • Be grateful
  • How is my mind now?
  • What story am I telling myself now?
  • Bring in compassion and loving-kindness
  • Accept and flow in the present moment
  • Let go of sticky thoughts
  • Relax and smile
  • Bring your attention back to your body
  • Connect to the source
  • Dive into the heart
  • Sit with God

This same principle, of continuous remembrance, can be used to build any habit (like drinking water, for example), or to let go of any habit (like emotional eating, biting one’s nails, etc).

Regardless of the message and purpose, one golden rule always applies: take your trigger seriously. This means attending to it every time it beeps/vibrates. This is how your device gets its magical power.