INSTANT PRESENCE – Allow Natural Meditation to Happen


By Enza Vita



Softcover Book–184 pages – $27.95 (incp&p in Australia)

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(Updated international edition, originally published in 2015 as “Always Already Free”. Republished in 2017 with minor updates, by Watkins Publisher as “Instant Presence” and currently translated in several languages.

“This brilliant contribution to our modern understanding of authentic identity and Presence brings us to a new awareness of ourselves and our innate wholeness and completeness. Enza’s personal awakening story, in the first few pages, is worth the price of admission. Enlightened wisdom is like an endangered natural resource today, which we overlook at our peril; let’s join in exploring and developing our own innate transformational resources for a change.”— LAMA SURYA DAS, author of Awakening The Buddha Within

Based on Enza’s own experience, INSTANT PRESENCE is a guide to discovering the deepest truth about who we are. In this book, the author:

  • Presents her own personal direct encounter with the awakened state.
  • Thoroughly addresses the ongoing debate between the necessity of spiritual practice and the ever-present possibility of sudden awakening, while at the same time offering detailed instructions for the practice “Instant Presence – Allowing Natural Meditation To Happen.”
  • Guides the reader from the seeking process through the integration of spiritual enlightenment into everyday life and reveals that enlightenment is not a faraway dream, intellectual knowledge or even an experience but the direct realization of our true nature always available here and now.

“Instant Presence” has been written for the modern seeker of truth today, who is looking for a practical, dogma-less approach to awakening and spirituality.

What this book offers the modern spiritual seeker is the insight that we can realise our always already free spiritual nature and still live as a human being, living an ordinary life but seeing, tasting and feeling the sacred in all we do.

It shows us that we can deeply realise the enlightenment state and still look after our families and keep our job or manage our business; that we can drop into the depth of our inner nature and also laugh and dance with our friends; that we can enter into very advanced stages of spiritual enlightenment …and still be “normal,” and an “ordinary” human being!

Through this book, we learn to see ourselves with new eyes, more lofty and more humble at the same time – as we recognise more and more that divine presence that always already lives through us, while also seeing our smallness within that infinitely vast oceanic beingness and love.


  • De-mystifies spiritual enlightenment by showing how close and accessible it is and inviting the reader to begin their own journey “to where you already are, this placeless place you have never really left.”
  • Clearly distinguishes “authentic Realization” from “The knowledge that we are already the Self” or that “We are already free” for those that think that there is nothing more to spirituality than this conceptual understanding.
  • Allows the readers to establish a practice that fits with their unique way of being and replaces the need for ritual and dogma by offering practical guidance and instruction into an authentic encounter with reality as it is, living in/as one’s own life.
  • Through the simple, yet constant pointing back to “that which sees”, it immediately offers the reader a taste or even a full glimpse into their own always already awakened self.

“While it’s true that we are always the Self”– says Enza Vita “if this hasn’t been truly and directly realized, this knowledge won’t do us any good. Just knowing that there is no gate to pass through doesn’t mean that we are at the end of the search, not if we are still standing outside that gateless gate. Realization is not about you, the wave, realizing it is ocean. The ocean realizes itself in you and reveals itself to have never been just a wave.”


“This is a great offering to our appreciation of the genuine voice of Pure Presence. It brings us to a deep awareness of what it truly means to study and realize the Self and our intrinsic true nature as that which is already perfect, whole and complete. It is certainly worthy of your time and attention.”
— ZEN MASTER D. GENPO MERZEL, author of Big Mind, Big Heart

“Enza’s book is a true book in that it continually brings the attention to what is the immediacy, the actuality right now. The uncontrived spontaneous naturalness. Being constantly reminded in various ways in every chapter that there is only life essence (awareness) the believed in entity is seen to have no self-nature and not stand on its own. In this recognition the book has done its work and that is That.”
— “SAILOR” BOB ADAMSON, author of What is Wrong with Right Now Unless you Think About It?

“Enza writes in such a clear and down-to-earth way that it is almost impossible not to be able to relate to what she is pointing to. She describes how every child already knows their true nature and how simple it really is, and encourages the reader to check what is really true in their own experience rather than blindly believing what they have been taught since they have ‘grown up’. Reading her wonderful book was just like drinking a nice cool drink that goes down so very easily. It is the validation that so many people are longing to hear.”
UNMANI, author of Die to Love

“As a satsang book, Enza, I’m pretty blown away with your clarity. I truly think you are one of the clearest authors I’ve ever read on the subject of satsang/non-duality. I’m not saying this to be ingratiating or even kind. I truly mean it! At this point I have edited for quite a few satsang teachers, including Gangaji, Eli Jaxon Bear, Issac Shapiro, John Sherman, Om Parkin, and Amber Terrell, not mention the many others I’ve been exposed to, so I know what I’m talking about when I tell you that your expression is exceptional. And I love it that you actually figured out how to offer people a “practice-less practice”.
— SHANTI EINOLANDER, publisher and editor of ONE The Magazine and editor of The Diamond in Your Pocket and You Are That! By Gangaji

“A book that shatters old myths and presents the essence of Enlightenment in a fresh, contemporary voice. I see it as the next step after “The Power of Now” for those looking to find a way to ground their realizations.”
— LEO DRIOLI, author of Every’s Moment is a Miracle


“Instant Presence” by Enza Vita, has currently been translated in several languages and Kindle copies and international copies of the book are available wherever Books and e-Books are sold. Below are a few links.