You Hold the Key (PDF to your inbox)


By Leo Drioli


A unique mixture of poetry and prose to and from the Beloved. A gentle reminder of the golden contract we have with all of life.

– CHARLES RICHARDS, Ph.D., author of Karmic Relationship: Healing Invisible Wounds

Leo Drioli has been a guiding light to thousands of seekers on their spiritual path as well as to those looking for their spiritual path. He shines his light in many ways, one of which is his ability to effectively and clearly communicate using words on the printed page. His most recent pleasure in this domain is his latest book, You Hold the Key. Leo writes in the introduction that what he hopes for in writing the book is that you, dear reader, will resonate and be inspired by what the light of his words reveal about you, life and others.

I like how each short chapter is a story of Leo’s mindful self-reflection and meditation that often includes a simple “how-to” instruction on living an enlightened life. The first “how-to” instruction begins at the start of Chapter One when Leo counsels:

“We are all reflections of the Ancient One, the Supreme Being that exists at the heart of all life. Right here, right now this Ancient One is looking through your very eyes….”

Leo’s wise “how-to” guidance… “Simply stop…look…and listen.”

The book is well written and offers lost and confused souls a mature and stead fast voice that always points to True North. And for those who are not lost or con- fused, Leo’s voice is a familiar one echoing the song of Union, non-duality and Oneness.

-YOAH WEXLER, PhD, author of Enlightenment & the Enlightenment In tensive and spiritual teacher.

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