Let Your Spirit Sing EP


By Leo Drioli


Let Your Spirit Sing is a manifestation that’s very close to Leo’s heart. His words and music, shared as Heart Songs, dig deep into our collective search and yearning for what is true, real and lasting in this world, and beyond it.

All Leo’s songs stem from our innate urge to connect to our depths. His music follows in the spiritual pioneering tradition of the inspired master singer/songwriters of the 60’s and 70’s. He acknowledges his greatest influence among others being John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison and in a similar way continues to spread the eternal message that our true purpose here is to realize our soul essence and to channel it as love, thus living beyond the grip of fear.

“We are each guided on our life’s path in our own unique way,” says Leo. “Our Higher Wisdom, Source, God … however we choose to call It, is always with us. And if we open up to Its whisperings, our creativity can become a direct communication line with our Creator, and our creation becomes first a gift to ourselves and in sharing it, our gift to the world.”

During the recording process, Leo along with his producer Dino Jag allowed each song to take shape in its own natural way. This led them to bring together a wonderful array of musicians from all around the world to help manifest this EP. The whole journey from beginning to end, says Leo was filled with immense joy, fun and incredible spiritual growth.

“I was on my way to work and felt like I needed to listen to your ‘Let Your Spirit Sing’ EP again. The opening track ‘Let Your Spirit Sing’ is such a beautiful song. When I heard the words ‘Open up my heart, Show me how to love’… I was just welting in tears. Seriously …I was trying to be conscious of other drivers not seeing me cry (haha). I played that song about three times in the car this morning and just started singing to it. I feel that it is resonating with me as I have been asking the universe that my heart open up more to receiving and giving love for myself and others.”

– Elio Pagliarulo, International musician, entertainer and composer